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We are a professional, reliable and ethical property development company in South Africa and would like to partner with you to achieve your building project goals within a reasonable time frame and at a fair price.

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Johnny Eliades
Johnny Eliades

Where do we see our company in the future?

Our vision is to build the future with our clients by giving them a better lifestyle and a better development. Providing the highest level of satisfaction.

What drives our company to the future?

To help property owners build their dream homes and business, renovating for a better work environment or a nice place to stay. Our principles have developed confident business with integrity, honesty, trust and hard work.


We are a national property development company building a lifestyle across South Africa.

Trust is the cornerstone of our business!

Building or renovating is a large undertaking for any home or business owner. Homes and offices are where we live and work spending a lot of time in the spaces we create. The cost of any build or renovation by its nature is inherently expensive so we want to give you the best value and expertise for your budget.

We know how difficult it is to find the right partner who’s business ethics serve the industry in the best possible way. It comes down to TRUST. We want you trust that we will give you the best service and the highest level of quality. The way to do that is by evaluating our previous accomplishments. So let us take the responsibility of your project so that you can live your life without the extra stress of worrying about the build.  

Our clients are the life giving blood of our business and our fundamental values on which we have built our reputation are unwavering;

Innovation – We consistently seek out fresh approaches to improve every aspect of our business which translates into better builds.

Integrity – Our aim is to build a trust relationship with our clients by aligning our conduct with excellence and working with complete transparency.

Foresight – Forethought and forward planning along with research and identifying future trends in the construction industry for our success and to benefit our clients.

Performance – We are disciplined and strive to follow project time lines and budget to the successful conclusion of the build.